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I just found out that Mr. Wright’s birthday is today, June 8, 1867.  He was born 143 years ago today…  I just had to share that with anyone who finds this post.


A Visit to Mr. Wright’s Winter Home…

I don’t agree with his some of his lifestyle choices but who am I to comment…  But I do appreciate his passion for life, living and architecture.  In the left column is a photo I took while visiting Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ in November 2009.  The following is a little about our visit…

Three Hour Tour

My wife and I took a 3 hour tour of his winter home and studio and were able to share tea and cookies with one of his fellows… who’s resided at Taliesin West since his apprenticeship in the early 1950s. He shared stories about rainwater that has historically flowed through the dining room… the one where we were having tea.

Starting my career on the drawing boards, I had a profound attraction to his drafting studio.  However, it was not part of any tours and was off limits.  I did manage to peek through the windows imagining myself sitting on the hard stools working my magic on the vellum all to have Mr. Wright look over my shoulder to comment on the brilliance of my work.

I was jolted back to reality when Mr. Arnold Roy, the fellow architect sharing stories at tea, opened the door to the drafting studio and invited me in for a personal tour.  While it only lasted about 15 minutes, I was able to let my mind run and do my usual tongue-tied verbalization of how much I enjoyed my moments in the sun, literally in the working studio of the master.

Mr. Roy runs his single person architectural practice out of the drafting studio… I can’t worry about my life’s decisions but rather made a point to enjoy my awareness of the moment some 50 plus years after Mr. Wright’s death.

Below is a photo of a plaque of the gentlemen who gave us the private tour…


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