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My Thoughts About the Article…

The following article written by Gerard Arias Fuentes lists the top ten things wanted in a new home and is further broken down into wish lists for men and women.  The number of people quieried for the survey was 1000.  As the author questions the wish lists, he follows with future residential building trends.  I agree with some trends, others need to be more aggressive.  It’s a start…

What Would You Want In A New Home? « The Complete Residence.

What I find interesting yet sad is that the wish list includes a garage or parking space as number one in both the men’s and women’s list.  Each wanted master bedroom suites which I concur.  Both wanted ample storage and large closets… an indication of our consumer ‘accumulation of stuff’ mentality.

Gourmet or updated kitchens were include as well as a large yard.  I understand the kitchen want but the large yard typically means perfect manicured lawns, shrubs and trees requiring mowing, fertilizer, watering which ultimately pollute our soil, air and waste water.

No where in the wish lists was there anything about conserving energy, conserving water or minimizing waste much less… trying to create a home that even attempts to strive for zero waste, zero emissions, and zero ecological footprint.  This should be the ultimate goal.

I agree with the article the use of personal transportation needs to be minimized by access services via non polluting means such as walking or bicycling.  This requires a mindset change with in society and/or new modes of transportation that is independent from fossil fuels.

Building vs Transportation Energy Use…

Buildings, however, are the biggest sources of energy consumption by nearly 2 to 1 over transportation.  Check out the following organization Architecture 2030 to see what this group is attempting regarding issues of energy consumption goals by the year 2030.  As quoted from their site Architecture 2030 website:

Data from the US Energy Information Administration illustrates that buildings are responsible for almost half (48%) of all energy consumption and GHG emissions annually; globally the percentage is even greater. Seventy-six percent (76%) of all power plant-generated electricity is used just to operate buildings.

Buildings account for almost 2 times the amount of energy consumed than transportation.  While others are working on the transportation fuel consumed and emissions and my interest and experience is in building design, my focus is how to work towards zero… waste, emissions and ecological footprint.

Rethinking How We Do Things…

Currently I’m reading “CRADLE to CRADLE… Remaking the Way We Make Things” written by William McDonough and Michael Braungart in 2002.  I’ve not finished but their mindset is not for energy efficient design but rather energy effective design.  The concept is to not lessen the mistakes of our current thinking making a bad system better but to totally rethink how we do things.


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